Why to invest in a school management software

  1. What is school management software?

School management software provides a single storage for student related data that can be accessed by school administrators, teachers and accountants. With this data, you can automate your school’s attendance process, Fee creation and collection, and class scheduling. It can also have LMS capabilities to integrate your Lectures, assignments and student assessment.

  1. The benefits of school management software
  • Improved record keeping: The amount of paperwork required to keep a school operating can be staggering. School management software provides a central data for recording school attendance, Fee information, and more. Administrators can then easily access this information via desktop and mobile apps.
  • Ease of Fee generation and collection: School management software allows you to record attendance and fee for individual students. School can use such a software to collect payment and thereby creating a paperless system of Fee collection.
  • Improved platform for parental involvement: Maintaining parental involvement creates a lot of difference in learning outcomes of students. School management software allows parents to monitor and assess the progress of their children. Parents can readily contact (and even meet with) teachers, view grades and progress reports, and manage payments using fee apps.


3.   Typical modules of school management software

  • Student information and records: Allows you to record all students’ academic and personal information.
  • Attendance tracking: Tracks individual student attendance and their behaviour in attending classes.
  • Class scheduling: Facilitates scheduling for both in-person and online class meetings.
  • Parent/student portal: Allows students and parents to view material and communicate with teachers through online management or through offline messaging platforms.
  • Fee management: Provides easy way to create and collect fee including payment gateway integration.
  • Assessment management: Records and evaluates the learning progress of students. Also presents reports with useful analysis.

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