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5 Reasons to Use School Management Software in 2020

This article helps reader to understand how to use technology for better school management. It will help to know the importance of school erp.

School Management Software in Delhi

Delhi is a major academic center of India and is blessed with several top notch educational institutes. The schooling in Delhi is supposed to be the most competitive and more than 50% of the top 100 K12 schools are located in Delhi. All the major school chains of India have a strong presence in theContinue reading “School Management Software in Delhi”

Insights in School Learning

There have been numerous scientific studies done on the learning process of students. The reason behind this effort is that a good understanding of learning helps us in creating optimum curriculum. It also helps teachers in defining the right strategies to be employed in the classroom to get effective learning outcomes. Different boards like CBSEContinue reading “Insights in School Learning”

How to Teach Maths Using a School Management Software

In India, schooling has traditionally focused heavily on the Knowledge part, with pedagogy heavily relying on rote memory. This is true even for subjects like Maths. However, recently, Skills have begun to gain more importance in education. The key to making learning both effective and engaging is making your students understand that the learning hasContinue reading “How to Teach Maths Using a School Management Software”

School management system – Traditional vs. software

Schools have existed ever since the early days of civilization. Learning has been a critical link in the development of the human being. With time, the character of educational institutes also changed. This was necessary for 2 reasons – 1. Number of students, 2. New developments. Different countries and continents have moved differently on thisContinue reading “School management system – Traditional vs. software”

School Management App in Noida

Gurgaon is emerging as a major hub for education. Haryana in general has remained deprived of good schools and universities, but new schools and universities are being setup in Gurgaon, which meet these requirements. The parents in this city are also very well educated and most of the students come from nuclear families. This resultsContinue reading “School Management App in Noida”

6 Reasons why School management app is necessary for your school

In course of my meetings with various school owners, I have come across a lot of questions and discussions. A recurring question, however, from most of the school administrators is as to why should they be using a School management app. I have tried to list down the most important 6 points why it isContinue reading “6 Reasons why School management app is necessary for your school”