Need of ERP for schools

Technology has made immense progress in last few years. Nearly every industry and how they operate has changed significantly over last decade. The speed of change is only gaining momentum.

However, one sector, which has remained almost unchanged is K12 education. Look at any school and they are still teaching the old way. School buildings have been constructed better, uniforms have become smarter but the way of analysis by schools has remained how it was. One may argue that a number of schools have started using smart class. Even government schools have given laptops and tablets to teachers in some Indian states.



But is that sufficient? How are we evaluating the performance of the students. Also, how do we connect with parents for seamless sharing of information and using this to get positive learning outcomes in kids. A good number of schools respond to these with contempt. Therefore, no wonder that repeated tests and surveys around learning abilities show falling levels in students year after year. This is across schools and there is hardly any difference between governments and private institutions.

So what can be done. For sure, there has to better understanding of each student that has to be created in the system. Also, the information on how a particular student is doing academically as well as socially should also be available on a continuous basis. Today it generally gets lost when a student moves to next class. Also, Analysis of various tests should be done methodically and the outcome of these should be used to evaluate a teacher.

While it is fine to agree with these points, the moot point is how to do this. Is it even possible. The answer is Yes and No. Yes, if we use technology and No if we don’t. Manual processes can’t achieve this objective. Fortunately, there are ERP solutions available today to help you achieve this. But is every school ERP capable to handle such requirements. I will say, No. So, please choose a school ERP with care and select the one that is based on the latest technologies, but for sure use.

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