How can technology help educators meet new challenges

The world is entering the 4th Industrial revolution and we don’t know how is it going to unravel. The most bewildering aspect is that nearly everyone agrees that the speed of change is going to be faster than ever and AI, space technology and yet unexplored technological areas will play an important role in shaping it.

The estimates on employment opportunities are even more confusing. A consensus number on nature of jobs for future claims that almost 85% of jobs that will be in existence in 2030 don’t exist today. Putting both these facts together, make the challenge for educators look huge. Also, the explosion of information, better net connectivity and reducing cost of owning a computational device is bringing in a tectonic shift in how the education will be imparted hereon.


It is, therefore, pertinent to ask a question – Are we preparing our kids for this kind of future. The challenge is facing us now as all the kids who are in school today would have entered the workforce by 2030 or would be about to enter. What approach do educators and educational institutes should then take to prepare students for a future for which even a preview is not available.

The role of schools and educators will become even more important though. Why? Because earlier there were limited resources in the form of printed books and these standard resources would be in public eye and therefore trustworthy. With explosion of information technology and plethora of content now available, educators need to guide the students and help them understand what is to be believed ad what is not. Also, student-centric approach will be order of the day as imparting same skill to everyone will not work and therefore every student has to be dealt with as a different person and the curriculum to be defined differently.

It is fine to say this here but how can one achieve this? How can an educator define and impart different skills to each student in a class of 40+ students. The key lies in using technology. Using technology to evaluate students and use performance records to differentiate skill levels and skill requirements of each student. Also, technology can be used to teach different students according to their skill levels in the same classroom.

There are many tools available today to achieve this. TutMe is one such platforms which brings a number of these tools on one platform to offer to educational institutes at a very reasonable cost. The innovation in terms of content availability and the way the tools are organised makes it stand very different for effective class management for schools, colleges and coaching institutes.

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