Fee management in schools

Schools are for teaching and learning. However, there are a few functions that schools have to carry out to sustain their existence. There are services like maintaining cleanliness, ensuring safety of students and providing safe transport for travel from and to home.

 However, one task, that needs a lot of time and effort for administrators in school is Fee collection. This starts from Fee generation and ends with Fee collection and reconciliation of accounts. While it looks simple, the variety of Fee structures and the kind of concessions/ scholarships offered to different students make it one of the most tedious jobs for schools. Something that they have not been equipped with and have struggled to do effectively and efficiently.


 Traditionally, the Fee was collected in cash and a register would be used for recording all transactions. However, with advent of technology, there are different modes of payments being used. As per a survey in all CBSE school, almost 40% of Fee is deposited as non-cash. Which means it is deposited using cheque or through electronic means. CBSE has also made it compulsory for all schools affiliated to it, to provide parents an option to pay fee electronically to ensure more transparency and ease of fee deposition. With popularity of wallets and UPIID, even parents in mid to lower socio- economic demographics are using electronic payment methods.

While fee collection is an important aspect, the fact that fee details should be kept updated all the times is critical to ensure correct information. While the correct information is important, the process has to be simple enough to ensure schools can conduct it with ease. In this context Fee management softwares become very important for schools.

TutMe is one revolutionary platform which attempts to make the administrative work at school very simple. In addition to ensure a seamless Parent communication, attendance, Exam and reports and academics section, the fee module in TutMe is very easy to set and extremely efficient. Hundreds of schools across India are already using this platform to make their work easy and smooth.

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