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6 tips for effective online teaching

The pandemic has pushed all of us into online teaching like never thought. There have been hits and there have been misses, but for sure there have been a lot of learnings. Our team has observed many such online classes, conducted surveys with teachers and students to distill out the best practices that are simple to use, yet important for students’ learning and well-being. Check these out here:

  1. Compared to in-person learning, everything takes more time. The amount of work you’d plan to complete in a regular school day will most definitely take more than a day online. It’s okay to feel like you didn’t get a lot of content covered, especially the first day or two.
  2. This is a new experience for many students, too. As much as we like to assume that students are great with tech, they will need time to get comfortable with their new learning platform. Be patient, and be prepared to not only be their teacher but also their tech support.
  3. Not all of your students will want to be on camera. Some students don’t have a safe space to learn in their home, or perhaps they’re just feeling shy. Whatever the reason may be, there’s plenty of other ways to engage with students that does not require video interaction.
  4. Teaching synchronously online for a certain period of time does not mean you are constantly speaking to the whole class, for the full duration of that time. Synchronous learning can be many different things, including time for small group instruction and independent work.
  5. kids don’t appreciate your fancy PowerPoint. They want to see teacher. And when you are showing slides, you can’t see the students. I watch my son’s classmates completely disengage. Stay with them. Use a whiteboard if you have to.
  6. Many of your colleagues have already been teaching online for a while now. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you’re looking for resources, have a question, or just need to vent. 

TutMe has a playlist of videos which can help a teacher to connect with students and help them appreciate tricky concepts. If you need help on using it, give us a shout

I hope you will find these tips useful in your online teaching journey. Pl remember, online teaching is here to stay for sometime and we will do good to keep learning and implementing ways to improve our online teaching skills in the classroom.

TutMe offers multiple ways to help you communicate with students and parents and conduct classes online. We have an experiencing of hand-holding more than 200 institutions and almost 1000 teachers to deliver effective lessons online. Reach out to us at, if you need any specific help.

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