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Why Zoom for Online Classes

Schools can go digital by adopting TutMe school ERP. However, one critical requirement they still have is in terms of conducting online classes when need be. Our aim is to provide best solutions for virtual classroom to you.

While evaluating various tools for it, we find Zoom to be the best tool. The fact that it allows certain amount of free online class conduction is an added advantage for our customers.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a very user friendly web-conferencing solution. It ensures stable video and easy connectivity even in India where data speeds tend to be slow. That is also the reason why people have chucked Skype or other such solution and have adopted Zoom. You just need a camera with a microphone (your smartphone and computer have both) and you are ready to connect with your students and conduct class.

Why Zoom?

Now, one can argue that there are multiple solutions like Microsoft teams, Bigbluebutton etc available for web conferencing. These come from big software companies. So why should one use Zoom? The answer lies in understanding requirements of a virtual classroom and checking as to which product can offer the optimal solution. Here is how I have evaluated it:

1. Any number of students:

Zoom allows users to conduct a class for upto 100 students. Now this is a big number and offers me a kind of flexibility. Sometimes, I can club students of more than one class to create one classroom virtually. There can be other times when I want to take a special class of just 5 students, it is as convenient.

2. Using presentations:

Most of the content is available as PPTs. It is also simple to manage one’s PPTs on the computer or on smart phone. Once done, it is absolutely thrilling experience to share the same on the students’ screen. As the voice streaming is good, you can explain the slides easily. Students can also ask questions and if you can’t understand the question, you can ask them to explain the problem on their screen. It makes the entire experience very good and involving.

3. Avoids Disturbances:

One huge advantage Zoom offers over other web conferencing softwares is that it allows one to keep a tab on students that they are not using the same device to do chatting etc during the class. It offers the required discipline even in this virtual classroom and therefore avoids disturbances. It is no secret that when students face less distraction, they are likely to learn better. Using TutMe’s support in conducting online quizzes during the lecture makes it the best suite for me.

4. Easy to operate:

While using any other online classroom tool, one has to look at different screens and take help from a tech savvy person. However, the entire setup with Zoom is very simple. It allows user to just share the clickable links to all students and students can connect back quickly using that link. Also works seamlessly on all kinds of devices with various specifications.

These are the reasons that make educators love using Zoom. Who would have thought that running online classes can be so simple. Most of the educators were initially very skeptical of conducting online classes but Zoom has taken all those worries out. That I guess the most wonderful thing to have happened for the educators and school else, the learning of students would have been impacted immensely.

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