Insights in School Learning

There have been numerous scientific studies done on the learning process of students. The reason behind this effort is that a good understanding of learning helps us in creating optimum curriculum. It also helps teachers in defining the right strategies to be employed in the classroom to get effective learning outcomes. Different boards like CBSE and ICSE have also made efforts over a period of time to impart this training to teachers, hoping this will result in better student results.

The 10 points below is a summary of a lot of this research to help schools and teachers use learning management systems and integrate school applications to achieve these objectives easily.

  1. Learning is a process that involves self-work, errors, reflection on errors, and refinement of solutions and strategies of solutions.
  2. If teachers can involve and think consciously about the learning material helps students be attentive, build and connect learning, and make meaning and its applications easily understood.
  3. Communicating high learning expectations and setting challenging learning tasks for students helps each student reach their potential. A few modules in TutMe can really help teachers use this.
  4. To help students retain learning, repeat practice of concepts help strengthen memory and also helps students apply these learnings into daily life..

5.If the same concept is taught by using multiple type of content, presented in different forms and mediums at different times help students learn better. The video lectures in TutMe help meet this requirement specifically.

  1. It is important to set the context right by explaining the objective of learning any concept. A clearly defined application helps student develop an interest in learning and gives better learning outcome.
  2. It is imports t that there is an enriching environment created for student learning. An environment that involves parents and thereby help students feel safer and comfortable improves learning. School Management applications like TutMe help achieve this objective.
  3. Collaboration and social interaction can be powerful learning experiences because they encourage deeper processing and engage the ‘social brain.’
  4. Students’ physical well-being, including nutrition, sleep, and exercise, impacts learning.
  5. The classroom environment including the teacher behaviour, the light and temperature and props used affect the learning tremendously.

While it looks very simple to use these approaches in the classroom, the fact is that most of the teachers and schools fail in implementing these, unless thought through very consciously. All this has to be thought through during curriculum planning and integrated into the lecture plans. Initially someone beyond the teacher needs to review the lecture plan prepared by a teacher to help her achieve this objective.

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