How can TutMe help schools help students

Every student is unique and they all learn at a different pace. Each of them have a different learning style and a classroom teaching where you can’t offer different methods to different students is sure to fail. However, for a teacher it is impossible to offer personalised learning solution to every child. That’s where school app like TutMe offers help.

 TutMe has a very method to share digital learning resources with students and parents. There are library resources which have been created for educators to check and assign to the class. As an educator does it, the students and parents are notified about it and they can go through the details. That’s where an educator can make the difference.

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 Assume that you have a class of 40 students with about 25 students at almost the average learning level of the class, 5 students are much ahead of the class and another 10 students typically are behind the class learning level. As a teacher, you would be teaching at average learning level of the class. However, if you can assign some challenging material from the TutMe library to select group of students who are ahead of the class learning level, you create reason for them to remain engaged and learn advanced methods. Similarly, you can assign some material on the topics you have already taught in the class to students and assign it to the ones who are falling behind the average level of class, they can be encouraged to keep learning instead of losing interest as they have not been able to grasp what is being taught.

 This is quite like your examination paper setting, where most of the questions are set so that average student in the class can answer those. However, one always puts a set of questions in the exam paper to stretch the best students in the class. Furthermore, with regular detailed comments on student performance which can be updated in the app, parents could be kept involved with the educational development of the child. An approach where educator and parent work in tandem to help a student learn have been seen to be doing well across schools.


 The technology used in TutMe is child focussed to ensure better learning outcomes and an overall development of the child. The more a school communicates with the students and parents, the more it contributes to their development.

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