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Fee management in schools

Schools are for teaching and learning. However, there are a few functions that schools have to carry out to sustain their existence. There are services like maintaining cleanliness, ensuring safety of students and providing safe transport for travel from and to home.

 However, one task, that needs a lot of time and effort for administrators in school is Fee collection. This starts from Fee generation and ends with Fee collection and reconciliation of accounts. While it looks simple, the variety of Fee structures and the kind of concessions/ scholarships offered to different students make it one of the most tedious jobs for schools. Something that they have not been equipped with and have struggled to do effectively and efficiently.


 Traditionally, the Fee was collected in cash and a register would be used for recording all transactions. However, with advent of technology, there are different modes of payments being used. As per a survey in all CBSE school, almost 40% of Fee is deposited as non-cash. Which means it is deposited using cheque or through electronic means. CBSE has also made it compulsory for all schools affiliated to it, to provide parents an option to pay fee electronically to ensure more transparency and ease of fee deposition. With popularity of wallets and UPIID, even parents in mid to lower socio- economic demographics are using electronic payment methods.

While fee collection is an important aspect, the fact that fee details should be kept updated all the times is critical to ensure correct information. While the correct information is important, the process has to be simple enough to ensure schools can conduct it with ease. In this context Fee management softwares become very important for schools.

TutMe is one revolutionary platform which attempts to make the administrative work at school very simple. In addition to ensure a seamless Parent communication, attendance, Exam and reports and academics section, the fee module in TutMe is very easy to set and extremely efficient. Hundreds of schools across India are already using this platform to make their work easy and smooth.

How can technology help educators meet new challenges

The world is entering the 4th Industrial revolution and we don’t know how is it going to unravel. The most bewildering aspect is that nearly everyone agrees that the speed of change is going to be faster than ever and AI, space technology and yet unexplored technological areas will play an important role in shaping it.

The estimates on employment opportunities are even more confusing. A consensus number on nature of jobs for future claims that almost 85% of jobs that will be in existence in 2030 don’t exist today. Putting both these facts together, make the challenge for educators look huge. Also, the explosion of information, better net connectivity and reducing cost of owning a computational device is bringing in a tectonic shift in how the education will be imparted hereon.


It is, therefore, pertinent to ask a question – Are we preparing our kids for this kind of future. The challenge is facing us now as all the kids who are in school today would have entered the workforce by 2030 or would be about to enter. What approach do educators and educational institutes should then take to prepare students for a future for which even a preview is not available.

The role of schools and educators will become even more important though. Why? Because earlier there were limited resources in the form of printed books and these standard resources would be in public eye and therefore trustworthy. With explosion of information technology and plethora of content now available, educators need to guide the students and help them understand what is to be believed ad what is not. Also, student-centric approach will be order of the day as imparting same skill to everyone will not work and therefore every student has to be dealt with as a different person and the curriculum to be defined differently.

It is fine to say this here but how can one achieve this? How can an educator define and impart different skills to each student in a class of 40+ students. The key lies in using technology. Using technology to evaluate students and use performance records to differentiate skill levels and skill requirements of each student. Also, technology can be used to teach different students according to their skill levels in the same classroom.

There are many tools available today to achieve this. TutMe is one such platforms which brings a number of these tools on one platform to offer to educational institutes at a very reasonable cost. The innovation in terms of content availability and the way the tools are organised makes it stand very different for effective class management for schools, colleges and coaching institutes.

Why to invest in a school management software

  1. What is school management software?

School management software provides a single storage for student related data that can be accessed by school administrators, teachers and accountants. With this data, you can automate your school’s attendance process, Fee creation and collection, and class scheduling. It can also have LMS capabilities to integrate your Lectures, assignments and student assessment.

  1. The benefits of school management software
  • Improved record keeping: The amount of paperwork required to keep a school operating can be staggering. School management software provides a central data for recording school attendance, Fee information, and more. Administrators can then easily access this information via desktop and mobile apps.
  • Ease of Fee generation and collection: School management software allows you to record attendance and fee for individual students. School can use such a software to collect payment and thereby creating a paperless system of Fee collection.
  • Improved platform for parental involvement: Maintaining parental involvement creates a lot of difference in learning outcomes of students. School management software allows parents to monitor and assess the progress of their children. Parents can readily contact (and even meet with) teachers, view grades and progress reports, and manage payments using fee apps.


3.   Typical modules of school management software

  • Student information and records: Allows you to record all students’ academic and personal information.
  • Attendance tracking: Tracks individual student attendance and their behaviour in attending classes.
  • Class scheduling: Facilitates scheduling for both in-person and online class meetings.
  • Parent/student portal: Allows students and parents to view material and communicate with teachers through online management or through offline messaging platforms.
  • Fee management: Provides easy way to create and collect fee including payment gateway integration.
  • Assessment management: Records and evaluates the learning progress of students. Also presents reports with useful analysis.

Need of ERP for schools

Technology has made immense progress in last few years. Nearly every industry and how they operate has changed significantly over last decade. The speed of change is only gaining momentum.

However, one sector, which has remained almost unchanged is K12 education. Look at any school and they are still teaching the old way. School buildings have been constructed better, uniforms have become smarter but the way of analysis by schools has remained how it was. One may argue that a number of schools have started using smart class. Even government schools have given laptops and tablets to teachers in some Indian states.



But is that sufficient? How are we evaluating the performance of the students. Also, how do we connect with parents for seamless sharing of information and using this to get positive learning outcomes in kids. A good number of schools respond to these with contempt. Therefore, no wonder that repeated tests and surveys around learning abilities show falling levels in students year after year. This is across schools and there is hardly any difference between governments and private institutions.

So what can be done. For sure, there has to better understanding of each student that has to be created in the system. Also, the information on how a particular student is doing academically as well as socially should also be available on a continuous basis. Today it generally gets lost when a student moves to next class. Also, Analysis of various tests should be done methodically and the outcome of these should be used to evaluate a teacher.

While it is fine to agree with these points, the moot point is how to do this. Is it even possible. The answer is Yes and No. Yes, if we use technology and No if we don’t. Manual processes can’t achieve this objective. Fortunately, there are ERP solutions available today to help you achieve this. But is every school ERP capable to handle such requirements. I will say, No. So, please choose a school ERP with care and select the one that is based on the latest technologies, but for sure use.

Schools need to communicate more

We have currently about 1.5 million schools in India for K-12 level. The total student enrolment tops 250 million. These students who are currently in these schools are going to be joining the workforce for the country in 2030s.

Now, It is pertinent to ask as to how are we preparing these students to face the challenges of the future. The country is going through a huge transformation in various senses. We have an economy which is growing fast, our occupation pattern is changing and aspirations are growing fast on the economic side. At the same time, huge social transformation is taking place. The lines of caste and religions are getting blurred. The changes in IT has impacted everyone’s life so much that knowledge resources are omnipresent.

Sohan rai school

How do schools then prepare their students better to face these challenges. The individual skill is on the rise and batch training like in Industrial era is outdated. Schools therefore need to analyse student-wise details more in detail and treat every individual student differently.

But how can schools achieve this. One way, which schools should certainly use is to connect with students and parents much more regularly than what they do today. This ensures understanding the student socio-economically also. They can also use these interactions to help parents play a proactive role in student’s growth.

With advancements in technology, this can be achieved easily today. Use of IT can help schools reach out to parents, update them regularly on various performance parameters of their wards and involve them in everything starting from curriculum design to discipline maintenance.

School bus tracking through GPS

One of the most important responsibility of school administrators is to ensure that the students reach the school safely and in time and also return to their homes to parents. The route scheduling of transport, replacement transport vehicles in case of a vehicle getting out of service etc are concerns which school administrators have to take care of. In earlier days, there were situations when a vehicle gets into a problem and the driver is not contactable. The parents used to be worried and school administrators faced anxious moments. But no more. With GPS tracking of transport, TutMe has enabled the school administrators like never before. Image for GPS

With features like ability to send messages to parents of the students who take a particular bus route, the communication has become easy and effective. No more parents trying to reach school frantically. In fact, TutMe has enabled parents to track school bus of their child live from the app. With the security notification about the location, speed alerts and health of vehicles, one can ensure the safety of students even outside of the schools. The responsibility that schools has towards the safety of students is as much as of the parent to keep his child out of any trouble. The pick-up and drop-off notifications with driver information make the life of parents peaceful.

There are schools today, where students come from as far as 50 kms and use school transport to commute. The parents want the best education and for that even if a parent has to send a kid to a far-off place to study, he won’t hesitate. However, parents want to be in the know of child’s well being all the time. So while at home, he takes care of it and good schools ensure they take care of kid in the school-premises, there is an amount of uncertainty about bus journey. TutMe tries to help this cause with intelligent use of technology. The positive reviews by parents and school administrators alike for this feature on TutMe is very encouraging for us.

TutMe : How the school bus GPS system works-We recommend every single vehicle used for transporting school children should be fitted with a GPS device. Once the school transport has GPS device, TutMe app integrates the system with it using GPS technology. The technology integration helps the vehicle GPS system to communicate with TutMe app. As this happens and the TutMe app has a seamless flow of information among various stakeholders, the information flow happens quick and fast. This information can be configured for various situation, like, change in bus route, change in vehicle, delay in starting or reaching at pick-up/ drop-off point etc. Now imagine the peace of mind that a parent gets by being in the know all the times. So no more calls from the maid at the pick point to a mother or father in the office with panic of not having seen the bus at scheduled time.

The smart integrated with GPS communication facility is a much-liked feature with a lot of advancements in the TutMe app. Smart communication in all aspects of school life of a student, in real-time is a boon to busy parents because they can’t stop their schedule to change their plan and pick up student from school. With smart and effective communication always linking transport in-charge of the school and parent along with the school administrator ensure TutMe keeps parents completely informed at all time. This results in a more satisfied parent and therefore a parent who goes around talking positive about your school. Isn’t it great to get referrals and therefore get good students.

6 Reasons why School management app is necessary for your school

In course of my meetings with various school owners, I have come across a lot of questions and discussions. A recurring question, however, from most of the school administrators is as to why should they be using a School management app. I have tried to list down the most important 6 points why it is absolutely necessary for every school to use a school app like TutMe:

Communication – The power of communication has been felt by modern society like it has never been. While in older days, communication, specially between school administrators and teachers and students and parents was mostly verbal or through a notice on the notice board, it is not viable any more. Why? Because now, every school gets students from place which you can’t call as neighbourhood. So it is not possible for parents to be able yo meet teachers or come to see the notice-boards. TutMe helps this by incorporating strong suit of communication tools in the school app. Try these and you will realise how you missed communicating properly without TutMe.

Attendance record – Attendance is an important indicator to gauge how serious is a student towards the study. TutMe makes it one touch process to take attendance and ensure that the parents are updated about the attendance status of their kids. Now isn’t it great that teacher and parent are completely in sync on this. No more class-bunks. This
will certainly result in better academic outcomes. Now one can argue that attendance was taken in earlier days also and parents were informed, but then remember these were mostly neighbourhood schools and opportunities for bad influence were very limited. TutMe also ensures easy to understand graphic analytics basis the attendance record. So while you could check the attendance on register, but will it be possible to figure out on a rolling basis as to how many and which students have been missing what percentage of classes. TutMe has used state-of-the art technology to give this power in your hand and also. Even the parent has access to updated record of his ward.

kids getting down from bus

Customised study material – Typically in every class where Tutme is being used, there are 25-40 students. Every available report suggests that in any class, there will be 3 kinds of students – those who are keeping ahead of the class and therefore are getting bored when teacher is repeating the same concepts for other two categories of students – Those who are just about maintaining pace with class level and those who are below class level.Whatever one tries, the class will have a minimum of 80% students in these 2 categories.Teachers always struggle to engage these 3 categories of students at their specific level of knowledge. But with TutMe app, this is simple. Just assign additional study material specifically for the students who are ahead of the class or behind the class.

Exam and result analytics – Believe me, while working with many schools, we realised the huge amount of student performance data that is available with schools basis the examination performance pf students. The same data read with attendance data and class-performance data is a huge indicator of where is the student heading? Alas,the
schools don’t use it. However, TutMe is that unique school app which ensures a great analysis of this data and presentation of the same in an easy to understand format. All this done without even clicking a button as it is an essential part of result module at TutMe. So don’t fret, take action and grab your phone to subscribe now.

Sharing school activity and achievements–Schools are where the kids go in their formative years. They don’t only study there but also indulge in a lot of activities – linked to knowledge, social behaviour and sports. Won’t you like to share all this with the parents? Good news is that TutMe has made all this a kid’sjob.Yes,absolutely.Click a few buttons and you reach information to all the parents. What’s more, you could decide to pass some information/ photos/ videos to be shared with the whole school, while some might berelevant only for a small section. With easily clickable items on TutMe app, getting and processing relevant information is a super-easy task for parents.

Fee management – And yes, a school can’t function without flow of funds properly. Fee creation and collection is probably the most arduous and unpleasant job in a school who doesn’t use a school software. Unfortunately almost all the school softwares have not been able to meet the requirements of schools with flexibility in this regard. TutMe does it perfectly. In fact, this is the most loved feature of TutMe as we discover from school administrators repeatedly. Now imagine creating a fee for each class in less than 5 minutes with complete flexibility. And follow up which doesn’t even take this much time.Just click a button and every student’s parent, who has not paid the fee gets reminded.
Also the fee dashboard is a great enabler.

So, do you still want to think and discuss if you should have school management app like
TutMe? I am sure with an affordable pricing and strong array of features, it is impossible for any school administrator to decide against using TutMe app. So wait no more. Pick up the phone or login at and start using TutMe and live happily.