5 Reasons to Use School Management Software in 2020

School management software is a necessity for every school today. Till a few years back, schools could manage themselves in old fashioned way by maintaining registers and employing a few clerical staff to manage all the required details, but no more. There have been multiple reasons for the same and we will discuss these furtherContinue reading “5 Reasons to Use School Management Software in 2020”

School Management Software in Delhi

Delhi is a major academic center of India and is blessed with several top notch educational institutes. The schooling in Delhi is supposed to be the most competitive and more than 50% of the top 100 K12 schools are located in Delhi. All the major school chains of India have a strong presence in theContinue reading “School Management Software in Delhi”

Schools need to communicate more

We have currently about 1.5 million schools in India for K-12 level. The total student enrolment tops 250 million. These students who are currently in these schools are going to be joining the workforce for the country in 2030s. Now, It is pertinent to ask as to how are we preparing these students to faceContinue reading “Schools need to communicate more”

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