Fee management in schools

Schools are for teaching and learning. However, there are a few functions that schools have to carry out to sustain their existence. There are services like maintaining cleanliness, ensuring safety of students and providing safe transport for travel from and to home.  However, one task, that needs a lot of time and effort for administratorsContinue reading “Fee management in schools”

How can technology help educators meet new challenges

The world is entering the 4th Industrial revolution and we don’t know how is it going to unravel. The most bewildering aspect is that nearly everyone agrees that the speed of change is going to be faster than ever and AI, space technology and yet unexplored technological areas will play an important role in shapingContinue reading “How can technology help educators meet new challenges”

Why to invest in a school management software

What is school management software? School management software provides a single storage for student related data that can be accessed by school administrators, teachers and accountants. With this data, you can automate your school’s attendance process, Fee creation and collection, and class scheduling. It can also have LMS capabilities to integrate your Lectures, assignments andContinue reading “Why to invest in a school management software”

Need of ERP for schools

Technology has made immense progress in last few years. Nearly every industry and how they operate has changed significantly over last decade. The speed of change is only gaining momentum. However, one sector, which has remained almost unchanged is K12 education. Look at any school and they are still teaching the old way. School buildingsContinue reading “Need of ERP for schools”

School bus tracking through GPS

One of the most important responsibility of school administrators is to ensure that the students reach the school safely and in time and also return to their homes to parents. The route scheduling of transport, replacement transport vehicles in case of a vehicle getting out of service etc are concerns which school administrators have toContinue reading “School bus tracking through GPS”

6 Reasons why School management app is necessary for your school

In course of my meetings with various school owners, I have come across a lot of questions and discussions. A recurring question, however, from most of the school administrators is as to why should they be using a School management app. I have tried to list down the most important 6 points why it isContinue reading “6 Reasons why School management app is necessary for your school”

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