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5 Reasons to Use School Management Software in 2020

School management software is a necessity for every school today. Till a few years back, schools could manage themselves in old fashioned way by maintaining registers and employing a few clerical staff to manage all the required details, but no more. There have been multiple reasons for the same and we will discuss these further below. However, among the plethora of School softwares and ERPs available today, TutMe has emerged as the top choice for schools across India, specially in the Hindi speaking states of Delhi, UP, Haryana, MP, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.


Why School management software is a necessity for schools today?

  1. Information requirements – The information required by various bodies overseeing school running have increased tremendously over last few years. Whether central boards like CBSE or ICSE or state boards, the circulars demanding for information are regular and it takes a lot of time to prepare these details by school staff. A good school ERP like TutMe handles these requirements by ease. Sometimes, even the school management wants to analyse achievements of both students and teachers critically and the required information are difficult to get in a paper-pen record keeping regime.
  2. Need for communication – It has been realised by schools across India that the involvement of parents is absolutely critical to get better outcomes for students. Schools alone can’t prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow. Parents, with improving economic conditions, have time to focus on their wards’ future more than ever. They, therefore, want to be in the know of what is being taught and how can they play a proactive role in their child’s development. School management softwares ensure good options for communicating with parents including parent apps.
  3. Technology for learning – The role of technology in better learning has never been as pronounced as it is now. Various social and educational experiments have shown that the students with a teacher directed exposure to devices and content have consistently performed better in various assessments. Also, technology brings parity in making good content available across various socio-economic backgrounds. Schools that have used technology for some time have shown consistently better school ratings.
  4. Better analysisModern school ERPs make various reports available instantly to schools by analysing data that is being captured on a daily basis by schools. This helps teachers and school administrations in planning and executing better than otherwise.
  5. Fee Management – The management of fee has been the worst nightmare for schools in India. Managing data for so many students with various discounts and additional fee is quite a troublesome job for anyone and schools have found themselves struggling to keep it updated and correct. That is where the role of School ERPs become even more strong. A good school software ensures complete control in the hands of school administrators to ensure nobody can play around with the financial records.

Rotato Snapshot dashboard

I am sure these are enough and valid arguments for a school to invest in a good school management software which is good and based on latest technology. Of various options, TutMe scores being based on a modern technology and offering amazing analysis capabilities.

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