School Management Software in India

I work as a consultant for schools in India and I keep coming across products for schools. I have seen and experienced schools working with various softwares. Most of the softwares have been legacy system based and have failed to fulfil the basic premise of data security and consistent performance. In this context, I was pleasantly surprised by a recent product in amongst school management softwares. This product is aptly named as TutMe. I recommended it to a school as I liked the UI but with positive experiences there, I have now recommended it to a lot many schools and am happy about it.

So why I liked this product. First, as I mentioned above, it has the cleanest UI amongst various school softwares. It is very easy and simple to use and very relatable. It clearly shows a great thought which has gone into defining the product. The system is very stable and it makes the entire experience of using it wonderful. Whether, it is taking attendance or studying the pattern of student-wise attendance, the graphical representation is wonderful. The attention to detail in design is something which stands out everytime one uses it. There is no other software available for schools which helps management as much as this one.

The school management has always looked for flexibility and reliability with data security in any software. This product meets this requirement perfectly. The encryption of data gives user the comfort while a great support team customises the product to a great extent. Whether a school has 100 students or 10000, TutMe school management software meets the challenges very easily. The stability of this software is another feature which makes it the best school software in India, currently. It never fails and clever tweaks to allow user to get comfort while looking for data makes it easy for user.

So use TutMe if you are a school owner and make your school management simple and comfortable.

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