How to Teach Maths Using a School Management Software

In India, schooling has traditionally focused heavily on the Knowledge part, with pedagogy heavily relying on rote memory. This is true even for subjects like Maths. However, recently, Skills have begun to gain more importance in education. The key to making learning both effective and engaging is making your students understand that the learning has value. The worst thing that can happen in the teaching–learning experience is for the students to wonder why are they learning something.

The tough part is how can a teacher fit all this in a class room session. You can use technology to make your work easy. You can use school management software like TutMe to assign study material or evoke enquiry. The assessment and homework ensures you always track the progress of your students.

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Everything you teach should have a clear value, that’s important.

In Maths in particular, knowledge would be stuff like numbers, formulas, theorems, equations, etc. Skills would be the stuff that students then have to do with the knowledge, for example adding, comparing, differentiating, etc. Finally, application is when they would need to do this in real life, what problems it would help them solve or what new outcomes it can help them realise.

These examples have been given here with the basic assumption that the person reading this article doesn’t have to be a maths expert. Somebody with a deeper knowledge of Maths than normal should be able to fit more concepts into the basic model.

Once you have your Knowledge, Skill and Application for each lesson you want to teach, get as many real life examples as you can to demonstrate the principles you’re teaching, and get the students to practise by solving real world problems.

Maths is best taught by connecting it to day to day life. For example, adding a bill, keeping your daily accounts or helping find out the speed required to travel a distance in a given time.

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