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Student Bus tracking App

We are living in a fast paced world. The demands on our time is increasing to a level where we struggle to take out time to do most important tasks also. In such a situation technology has been a great saviour. With various apps to help improve efficiency and transfer of information without manual intervention has helped immensely. A tracking system for student transport has made life less stressful for parents, specially the ones who are in nuclear families.

Bus tracking app, tracking system for students, track the bus app

Transport module in TutMe app does this work efficiently and beautifully. On tap of a button, a parent can see the location status of the transport, which is carrying his or her ward. It, therefore, helps avoid situation where one doesn’t know as if a vehicle is getting late. It allows you to be just in time in the place to receive your ward, taking the stress out of the process. As this app comes bundled with a lot of other useful functionalities for schools, parents and students, it makes it that much more useful.

Student bus tracking app


Bus tracking app, tracking system for students, track the bus app
But how does the Bus tracking app work? It starts with installation of a GPS device in the school vehicle or any other vehicle. The GPS device is tracked through standard google app and is shown on the google map basis the coordinates for it a particular time. These coordinates (also known as lat-long) help track the vehicle at any any point in time. The scheduled stops where a student has to embark or disembark is preset with the help of coordinates of that particular location. It helps system to show as to how fas a vehicle is from a scheduled stop at a particular time.

In the endeavour to provide an all encompassing solution to schools and parents, TutMe has been designed to take care of this small yet significant part of the entire process. The state of the art technology ensures that almost any device with a GPS capability can be easily paired and work efficiently and effectively. One can even track the vehicle using the mobile device of the driver.

The transport module in TutMe has many features and this is just one of these. The module also helps keep a track of the vehicle, its fuel consumption, the details of the driver etc also. These are increasingly becoming important as state governments are increasingly making this as a responsibility of schools. We are trying to help schools manage all these without the stress involved.

To know more about the capabilities of our transport module or to understand all the functionalities of TutMe school management system, you may log in at or may WhatsApp at 7982466300 for a 30 minute demo.

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