School management system – Traditional vs. software

Schools have existed ever since the early days of civilization. Learning has been a critical link in the development of the human being. With time, the character of educational institutes also changed. This was necessary for 2 reasons – 1. Number of students, 2. New developments.

Different countries and continents have moved differently on this path. While the western world moved from private tutors to organized schools and universities, Indian schooling evolved differently.

However, in today’s world, it is impossible to manage a school without a School Management Software. Such software ensures that teachers and administrators can manage all their works smoothly and efficiently and ensure complete communication with parents and students. The essentials of today’s school management systems is to have Attendance process and a fully integrated fee system. The schools who use such software, ensure they can do more while using much fewer resources. Can you imagine managing a school with 5000 students managing everything by using traditional methods of writing every detail on a register.

Modern schools have evolved as large branch-based structures. These are not only multi-city but multi-country operations. Managing the local requirements while ensuring certain standards to be followed everywhere needs strict controls. The same can be achieved only through a strategic integration at a macro level. If this is not done properly, the branding of the school will be battered and the school will struggle to meet its ambitions.

K12 school erp in noida,K12 school erp in Gurgaon

The schools, therefore, should evolve as modern organizations have evolved running multi-country, multi-brand operations. The school management systems (software) like TutMe help achieve just that. These softwares not only help schools manage and orient themselves properly but make all routine works simple and enjoyable. The improved communication with parents helps improve the academic performance of students. Parent involvement also ensures lower incidents of indiscipline, which is quite an issue across educational institutes. Such systems also help schools organise their internal teams much better. The work-flow for staff improves ensuring everyone in the system understands the requirements they have to meet and critical requirements are known in time. All this goes on to contribute to establishment of great institutes which create a legacy that survives for hundreds of years.

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